Microsoft shows off XNA to... well... Microsoft...

Michael Klucher, an XNA Team Member at Microsoft has a pretty interesting post over at his blog (which just got a complete visual overhaul!!! the new format looks great!) about XNA being shown off at a recent company meeting for Microsoft at Safeco Field (where the Mariners play)... apparently not everything in the works at Microsoft gets it time at a meeting like this and it was good to see that XNA/GSE made it in and the folks at the meeting all seemed pretty excited about the product and it's future.  Hop over a take a read...

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Farseer Physics Engine

Farseer Physics EngineJeff Weber has just released the first version of his "Farseer Physics Engine" for 2D XNA Games.  From the Codeplex project page:
The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine designed specifically for Microsoft's XNA platform. The Farseer Physics Engine focuses on simplicity, useful features, and enabling the creation of fun, dynamic games.
The Features
  • Easy to use developer interface.
  • Rigid-Body dynamics forces, impulses, moment of inertia, etc
  • Polygon - polygon collision detection. convex and non-convex
  • 100% impulse based collision response.
  • Joints (coming soon)
  • Controllers and Steering Behaviors (coming soon)

Things are just getting started with the Farseer Physics Engine... Stay tuned...

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This article is actually a couple of days late but the folks over at are hosting a new XNA Developer Contest... basically you and your buddies get a game together and keep the community updated on your progress... The contest will run from October - December and the prizes are:
  • First Prize - One year subscription to the Creator's Club courtesy of
  • Second Prize: 4 1 month subscriptions to the Creator's Club (if availalbe, or $49).
Not bad... most of the early adopters out there are already working on some kind of game using XNA... this should be a great way to put alot of those games in the spotlight!! Head on over to and checkout the details of the contest and get yourself or your team started! Click here...

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Schism 2.0

Gambit Sunob over at has just posted a new article about the early beginnings of a project he is calling Schism 2.0!  You gotta love the classic approach he is taking... you know... actually planning out this project before jumping right in!!! Hop over and take a look at the "conceptual" drawings and see what he has in mind... he is also looking for ideas so take a look and tell him what you think! Click here...

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XGameInput - Game Input Component

XGameInput Andy Fraser has made available the first release of his XGameInput component over on CodePlex. It abstracts user input, allowing simple input handling for the Keyboard, GamePad, or Mouse. The XGameInput project page is located at:

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2D Platformer : Super Stickman Adventures

Super Stickman AdventuresPsyCadelik has released yet another of his XNA/GSE projects, this time a 2D platform game he's calling "Super Stickman". The game plays just like a certain popular 2d platformer starring a famous italian plumber :) The Source Code is included as well for us all to learn from! Head over to and check it out.

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Mercury Particle Engine - Drag and Drop Particle Component

Mercury Particle SystemJimJams has release the first version of his "Mercury Particle Engine", a completely drag-and-drop particle system component for XNA/GSE over on CodePlex. From the project home page:
Mercury aims to be a powerful, efficient, and yet simple 2D particle engine XNA component that can be plugged into your game with relative ease.

  • Completely drag & drop, no code required!
  • Complete control over scale, alpha, rotation and color at all stages of a particles life.
  • Definable random variation of particle speed & lifespan.
  • 5 emitter shapes - Point, Spray, Circle, Ring & Spiral (more to come!)
  • Extremely easy to add custom emitter shapes!
The first release includes a simple demo to show some emitter types. The demo was created without writing a single line of code (save for changing the background color)... everything is drag & drop, and editable in the properties pane.

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Arkanoid Clone Tutorial (in Spanish)

Hanagomi has just posted a new Spanish tutorial over at This tutorial, written in Spanish covers the basics of creating a Arkanoid clone!  The goals of the tutorial are handling collections, simple collisions, and sound... Check it out...

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Kill all the bunnies!

We have just posted a user submitted game here at XNAResources!  This one is a 2D shooter by Benji... of well... bunnies!!! Hop over to our games page and check it out!

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Per Pixel Collisions on Rotated Sprites

Michael Morton over at has just posted an in depth tutorial on how to deal with per pixel collision detection on rotated sprites!  This can be a very complex problem to solve and Michael has spent more than a week researching the problem and with some guidance from the community (namely Kukona and Dr^Nick from #XNA of Efnet) he has put together a great tutorial that should help all of us!  Checkout the tutorial here...

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