Terrain Component Mirror...

If anyone out there had trouble downloading Justin O'Dell's Terrain Component over at his blog we are now offering a mirror for Justin... so if you haven't grabbed it yet you can get it from our mirror here... for a description of the component checkout Justin's blog here...

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XNA Paralax Scroller Project

Kinlan has setup a new project over at CodePlex that when completed should give the community a good 2D scrolling component!  The project is not yet complete but some of the basic functionality is in place: 2D Camera, Layer Oscilators, and Scrolling and Clipping.  If you are interested in the code or helping with the project make sure you checkout this link...

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Particle Wars - XNA Game/Tech Demo

Matt Stum has shared his first XNA Game/Tech Demo on the Microsoft XNA Forums. Called Particle Wars, it is the results of Matt's first experiments with XNA development.
You'll need an XBox 360 controller to get started (unless you modify the code to allow you to hit the space bar like I did!). Matt posts:

Here's my first "game"... well, it's a beta... alpha... okay, it's a "technology demonstrator". I didn't start out to write a game. I just wanted to see if I could load and draw a texture. Now let's make it move. How about bounce off the edge of the screen? Move it with the thumbstick? Encapsulate it in a sprite class? How about a particle? An explosion? Woops, a bug in my explosion code... but the bug made a *really* neat background effect! Now let's shoot projectiles with the other thumbstick a-la Geometry Wars. Let's make THEM explode! And so on and so on and so on...

Matt's Particle Wars source code can be found at http://mstum.iweb.bsu.edu/xna/particlewars/ and the full post can be read on the XNA Forums.

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Host your Games or Tutorials with us...

Need a place to host the great game samples or tutorials your working on in XNA/GSE? We will be happy to host your games or tutorials here!  Take a look at our tutorials pages and our games page to get an idea of what kind of submissions we are looking for!  Then if you think you have something you want us to host for you click the "Contact Us" button at the top... from there you can submit resources to be listed in our link engine or games/tutorials for download in those sections of our site!

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XNATutorial.com - Tutorial #5

Joran over at www.XNATutorial.com has just posted his 5th video tutorial on XNA! If you are just getting started with XNA and haven't looked at any of his previous tutorials we recommend that you do!! They are fantastic and easy to follow.  Joran doesn't just tell you what to do... he tells you why you are doing and also goes into great lengths to explain the reasoning behind the programming.  Checkout #5 at this link.

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The XNA Content Pipeline

By far most of the content that we have seen fly out of XNA since its release has been 2D content... of course we all know that the Content Pipeline hasn't been released yet so pretty much anything we do in 3D right now will most likely be an exercise in futility since, when it does ship, the Content Pipeline will take the place of most of the 3D tools that have been released to date with the Beta.  If you haven't already, we strongly suggest that anyone interested in making games in XNA/GSE take a look at this blog article on the XNA Team Blog... it was written by Michael Klucher from the XNA Team and should give us all a real good idea of just what that Content Pipeline is going to do for us once it is released... he even takes it one step further by giving us a nice little video presentation of the Content Pipeline at work!  If you find your self wanting to create some 3D content with XNA you really need to take a look at this article!

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Old School Pong!

We have just posted a new game/sample made by Raasta... it is his take on classic pong!  There are several fancy touches like drop shadows and a great looking ping pong table looking board!  The game and source are available.  Check it out here...

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Terrain Component w/Source Code

Justin O'Dell has just launched a new blog of his own and has post a pretty cool terrain component for XNA with full source code.  Drop over to his blog and check it out!

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Font Redering System

Since there is currently no method to render text in the XNA framework the folks over at www.ziggyware.com have created a font generator and rendering system.  The utility comes with a class called XNAFont that allows you to easily use the font you have generated in your XNA projects.  Take a look!

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XNA Math Snippets: Dimensions and Points in Space

Daniel Crenna has just posted a new article over at his blog that goes over the basics of managing objects in space using XNA.  The article is more about the approach rather than a how-to... a good read for people who are just getting into game design... checkout this link...

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