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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'm still here... I've just been a bit busy the last couple of months and haven't had time to do much with XNA development for a while.
I have been spending small amounts of time revisiting a few games like Legend of Blacksilver and the Questron series on my Commodore 64.  These were some of my favorite games back in those days, and I would dearly love to develop an updated game along these lines.  Maybe something like this for the Zune if I can ever get around to getting one :)
Anyway, I hope to have some more content in the relatively near future.  Until then, keep coding!

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Expanded Sprite Engine Tutorial

I've uploaded a new five-part tutorial in which I expand the sprite engine we originally created in the Star Defense tutorial.  The new features include:
  • Multiple animations per sprite, including looping and "fire and forget" animations
  • Sprite Targets - Sprites that move at a given speed towards a target point
  • Sprite Auto Rotation - Sprites that can rotate based on their current and previous positions
  • Sprite Paths - Sprites that can follow a defined path of points
Examples are included, as is a download of the full project at the end of the series.  Enjoy!  And remember, comments and questions are always welcome.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  The weeks leading up to the hoiday have been a bit crazy, hence the lack of updates, however after the new year I hope to have some new goodies for you, including some items from my new 2D game project.
Happy Holidays!
- Kurt

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Star Defense, XNA 3.0, and Sound

I've run through all of the Star Defense tutorials and found that no changes were necessary for the upgrade to XNA 3.0.  I did update the ZIP file in Part 11 with the converted XNA 3 file for simplicity's sake.
Additionally, Part 12 is done!  In the final segment of the series, we add sound effects to our game events to wrap things up for the project.
I'm working on a summary/wrapup post for the Star Defense series that I will post in a few days.  I've also started working on a few other projects, one of which will likely end up as my next tutorial series.  No details yet, but it combines a rewrite of my old Tile Engine system with some advanced versions of the concepts developed in Star Defense.

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XNA Game Studio 3.0 is Live!

Today marks the release of XNA Game Studio 3.0!  I've got the download and will be installing in and running through the Star Defense tutorials this weekend, updating them where needed to work with 3.0, and adding the Sound installment as well.

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Ziggyware Fall 2008 Article Contest

Ziggyware is running an article contest from October 12th to November 30th for XNA Development articles to be features at
They have some nice prizes too!
  • First Place
    • XBox 360 Elite (USA NTSC)
    • Extra Wireless Controller
    • One Year subscription to the Microsoft XNA Creators Club
    • Milkshape 3D License
    • 1600 MS LIVE Points
  • Second Place
    • One Year subscription to the Microsoft XNA Creators Club
    • Milkshape 3D License
    • 1600 MS LIVE Points
  • Third Place
    • Milkshape 3D License
    • 1600 MS LIVE Points

    Instructions and rules are available on the site.

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    Star Defense Series Completed (Until XNA 3.0!)

    I have uploaded the final pieces of the Star Defense tutorial, all available from the Tutorials page.
    In Part 10, we cover adding a game screen overlay to the game and writing text to the screen such as the player's score, lives left, and the like.
    In Part 11, we add Power Ups to the game, modifying our existing gameplay as the player gathers power up barrels.
    Part 12 is currently a placeholder for the Audio system. When XNA 3.0 is officially released I'll be updating this section.
    There will also be a post in a day or so covering suggestions for expanding the game, adding new features, and the like.
    Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and questions about the series on this post.

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    Star Defense - Huge Four Part Update

    I had some time to type over the weekend and am happy to say that parts 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the Star Defense Tutorial Series are now availabe on our Tutorials page.
    In Part 6 we add enemies to our game, giving them a very basic movement system.
    In Part 7 we add collision detection so we can shoot the enemies out of the sky.
    In Part 8 we add explosions to our game so we can shoot the enemies out of the sky more impressively!
    In Part 9 we add a game structure surrounding our code, with a title screen, player death, and game levels.
    More parts are on the way!

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    Star Defense Tutorial Series Part 5 - Lock and Load

    The next installment of our Star Defense tutorial series is now online.
    In Part 5, we add a Bullet class to our project and modify our game to allow the player to fire bullets all over the place.
    As always, this segment is available from our Tutorials page.
    In the next two parts (I haven't decided on the order yet) we will add enemy ships and an explosion class.

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    Star Defense Tutorial Series - Parts 4 is Up

    Part 4 of our continuing Star Defense tutorial series is now up and live.  In this installment, we add the player's star fighter to our game, as well as handle player input for movement and how it impacts our scrolling background.

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