Karvonite Persistence Framework Now Supports XNA

We have received word from the folks over at http://www.karvonite.com that their free .Net Persistence Framework now has support for both XNA and the .Net Compact Framework, including the XBox 360.  From the site:

Karvonite is a FREE persistence framework with a propietary data storage engine for the .NET Framework 2 and it focuses on the manipulation and persistence. This technology provides a new direction for how small to midsize applications can store and deploy data. Karvonite is not an O/R mapping tool for a very good reason. There is no relational world to map to. In Karvonite, object data is persisted to an object library.

Karvonite persistence framework is well-suited for applications where XML files or .NET serialization features are not enough and the horsepower of a SQL engine is unnecessary.

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Running Game Studio Express in Windows Vista

Anyone who is still trying to figure out how to get XNA Game Studio Express working in Windows Vista need only jump over to Dave Weller's site (http://www.letskilldave.com)!  He has just posted great step by step instructions on how to get GSE up and running... so if you have already moved to Vista or are thinking about moving to Vista take a look at this article and get yourself setup to create games!

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Dream Build Play Registration is UP!

The Dream Build Play website has finally launched!  Registration is up and working but it looks like we will have to wait until February 5th for the rest of the details about the contest... Run over and register right away!!!

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Bullet Hell Tactics

The folks over at http://shmup.blogspot.com have been hard at work over the past 5 months on a game called Bullet Hell Tactics!  They have just posted a video and some screenshots of the so far pretty impressive XNA built shoot-em up!  Jump over to the site and take a look!

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Leveler 3D converted to XNA

The folks over at www.tridexconsultants.co.uk have just finished converting a 3D level editor tool called Leveler 3D over to XNA!  The tool is for VB.NET developers... the level editor for VB.NET should be uploaded this week for everyone to download and test out.  Here is a link to a demo of the version of this app when it was made for Managed DirectX... take a look!

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More details about the Dream Build Play contest... sorta...

David Mitchell has just posted some more "information" about the Dream... Build... Play... contest over at the XNA Team Blog... If you want to get even more excited about this competition go checkout this post... there isn't that much more information in the post but he does indicate that the site for/about the contest should be launching within the new week!!!

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New XNAStage Release!

XNAStage is an XNA GameLibrary focused on providing timeline based sprite rendering including extensible sprite and tween classes. Includes powerful 2D text libraries that support scaling, rotation and borders and can be treated like any other sprite.  The main use for XNAStage will most probably be things like in game menus, dialogs, credit screens, splash intros, and level end scenes, etc..

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Game Career Guide XNA Article

There is a new article up over at Game Career Guide that goes over XNA and has some great interviews from members of the XNA Team as well as some of the big community developers out there... take a look...

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Nuclex.Fonts - Proper Text Rendering System

The folks over at http://www.nuclex.org are close to finishing up their new Nuclex.Fonts Propert Text Rendering System.  The font importer integrates with the XNA build process, so there are no external utilities involved. Just add an XML file with import instructions to your project for any font you want to have available in your XNA application and compile. A platform independent .xnb file will be generated (the exact same way it happens when you add a bitmap or effect to your project).  The system is just completed yet but there is a workable version available for download... Check it out... 

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Rotating 3D Objects...

Dean Johnson, another member of the XNA Team has just launched his new blog!  He starts things off with an article that goes over how to get an object to point at another object in 3D and the math involved in doing so... he covers 2 different methods: 1. Creating a matrix to turn your object towards the other... 2. Covers a way to figure out what direction your object needs to turn...

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