Tile Engine Tutorial Series : Character on Iso Map - Part 1
Kurt Jaegers
Posted 2011-06-08 11:31 AM (#293)
Subject: Tile Engine Tutorial Series : Character on Iso Map - Part 1

I have just uploaded Part 8 of the Tile Engine Tutorial Series to the site.

In this installment, we add a player-controlled character to our Isometric map, allowing the character to explore the map, scrolling the screen around as the edges are reached. Finally, we take the elevation of the terrain tiles into account and offset the character's draw location based on what he is walking on.

As normal, this tutorial can be found on the Tutorials Page or via Direct Link.

In the upcoming Part 9, we will look at restricting where on the map the character can walk, and smoothly transitioning the character between elevations on the map.

NOTE: The Isometric Picking tutorial was updated to include some extensive modifications to the Camera class that are utilized by this tutorial. If you followed Part 7 prior to 6/7/2011, please go back and take a look at it again, as those updates will be needed for this installment.
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